How Can I Make My Business Stand Out?

In the very first episode of Renegade RAW, Mark and Jamie talk about why blending in with the competition feels so natural and why it’s so bad for business. When it comes to marketing, the key is stand out by picking a fight.

Episode #1

Pick Fights

How Can I Make My Business Stand Out?

When presenting a product or service to the market, business owners and entrepreneurs often feel compelled to behave in a similar way to their competition, after all, the bigger company must be doing something right - right? Well, when it comes to marketing, blending with the herd won’t help you survive, it will kill you.

So how do you make your marketing unforgettable? Well, all you need to do is pack a fight by following these three simple steps...

  1. Choose a Dictator
    Tap into momentum that already exists by finding and focusing in on something about your industry that your customers already hate. Something that already upsets or irritates them.

  2. Take Them Down
    Time to start swinging. (Not that kind of swinging.) Make your dictator the centre of your marketing. Take them on at every opportunity, on every marketing channel. Tell your customers how you’re taking on your dictator and how you need their help to win this fight.

  1. Generate Free Energy
    Give your customers the tools to join your fight and to spread the word for you. By picking a fight, you’ve already given your customers the story, now arm them with the tools to share it with other potential customers.

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