How to Build Credibility for Your Business

In this episode, Mark and Jamie talk about credibility and why it’s so vital when it comes to sales and marketing. After a chat about ‘The Voice’ and what Jamie does on a Saturday night, Mark outlines the six shortcuts to create instant credibility for your business.

Episode #3

Who the F*ck Are You?

How to Build Credibility for Your Business

People comply with authority, and authority is gained by creating credibility. So as business owners and entrepreneurs, we need to build instant credibility for our business and products. The Oxford English Dictionary's definition of credibility is: “The quality that somebody or something has that people believe or trust.”

Here’s 6 proven ways to build credibility and trust quickly:

#1 Associations
Are you linked to an organisation that the customer will have heard of?

#2 Accreditations
Are you members of any respected accreditation bodies?

#3 Awards
What awards have you won?

#4 Clients
Who are you working with?

#5 USP's
What are your Unique Selling Points?

#6 Thought Leader
Become an expert e.g. Write a book. Record a Podcast etc.

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