How to Succeed in Sales as an Introvert

In this episode, Mark and Jamie discuss why the thought of ‘selling’ is such a big turn off for many. Mark explains why, contrary to popular thinking, introverts tend to sell more than extroverts, and then unveils the three steps to follow when making a sale (for people that don’t like selling!)

Episode #4

Selling for Introverts

How to Succeed in Sales as an Introvert

Is it possible to succeed in sales as an introvert? Well let me tell you, not only is it possible to succeed in sales as an introvert, you are actually better placed to succeed because you're an introvert.

Contrary to popular thinking, it is a myth that extroverts make good salespeople. In reality, extroverts often make the worst salespeople because they make sales meetings all about them.

To illustrate this point, let's think about the amount of time a salesperson spends in front of a customer, and break the sale down into 3 areas.

  1. Asking questions
  2. Talking about yourself and your product/service
  3. The close

Self-centric salespeople (extroverts) spend most of their time at stages 2 and 3 (i.e. talking to the customer about themselves, the product/service and the close). 

But customer centric sellers (introverts) spend most of their time understanding the customer’s needs at stage 1, because they are naturally great at questioning. And the better questions you ask, the easier it is to make a sale.

Take a few minutes to watch the video above, and how you can succeed in sales as an introvert.

Remember, succeeding in sales as an introvert is easy if you follow the three simple steps:

#1: Ask lots of questions (listen carefully to the answers)
#2: Present the relevant solution (based on the answers given)
#3: Simply ask for the order (or if that's too full on, try 'What do you think?)

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