The Real Reason People Buy Things

In this episode Mark and Jamie discuss the real reason people buy things. (And no, it's not down to price.) Mark then lays out a five point process for you to 'pitch the end game' for your product or service and take your marketing to the next level.

Episode #10

Pitch the End Game

The Real Reason People Buy Things

Why do people buy things? It's not price. Nobody goes into a restaurant and says "I don't care what it is, just bring me the cheapest food on the menu". The real reasons are much more complex and interesting. In fact, the real reasons are often so obscure, most people wouldn't actually be able to tell you why they chose to buy one product or service over another.

The key to understanding why people buy things is this: We 'buy emotionally and the justify rationally.' So we make decisions based on instinct and feelings, and then we subsequently tell ourselves the 'grown up' reasons why we spent all that money on a house, car, watch, handbag etc. to justify it.

So once you know that people buy on emotion and justify rationally, you're already on well on the way to being able to deconstruct your own product or service, and then repackage in a way that speaks to the emotional brain.

Take a few minutes to watch the video above and discover the simple, five-step framework to 'pitching the end game' for you business, and see you sales skyrocket.

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